A restorative community, honoring the lived experiences of those impacted by suicide and suicide risk. HOME OF CAMP KITA.

We're ready to unpack our bags, and stay awhile. Will you join us?


Caregivers, young adults,
and those at risk...we see you.

"I can honestly admit my son would not have been able to deal with, and possibly even survive, his loss without the positive influence and impact that Kita has had on him."

Camper Caregiver


My grandchildren have attending counseling since the loss of their mom by breast cancer and dad by suicide, but KITA has been the missing piece. Their journey in life is far less likely to end up poorly, with all the help they have received. “

Camper Caregiver


My son attended Camp Kita as a first timer, and came back as a different child! He found ways to express himself, mainly journaling, that we were unable to figure out before KITA.

Camper Caregiver


“The boys were different when they came home. They came home forever changed in a good way!”

Camper Caregiver



A memorial donation or a tribute gift is a meaningful way to remember or acknowledge someone special. It also offers a way to bring the importance of belonging to more campers each season.