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For new and returning campers and their families, we have made changes to our handbook. Please make sure to review this document carefully.

COVID Protocol.

This is an overview of our 2022 COVID protocol. Please read the 2022 handbook for extensive details and mandatory pre-camp actions.


  • Each camper (and staff) is required to provide a negative PcR test REGARDLESS of vaccination status 

    • If your camper has had COVID-19 within 90 days prior to camp please provide a signed doctor’s note and email it to before arrival to camp. Please note; camper must be outside of their 5 day quarantine and symptom free to attend camp

    • To help families with pre-camp testing, we have arranged for you to have access to Heed Health & Sovereign Laboratory

    • To start with the pre-camp testing you will need to register each camper for a test. 

    • Please follow the following testing deadlines:

Order Test through Heed By: Sunday, July 31​

Receive PcR test by: Friday, August 5

Test and Mail back to Heed ON Thursday, August 11

  • How to Submit Your Vaccination Record: While not mandatory for a camper to be vaccinated for camp, it is suggested.  Click Here to view the instruction guide for Uploading a Vaccination Record to the Sovereign Patient Portal

For more information on pre-camp mandatory testing please view our appendix including shipping reimbursement for multiple campers in a household.

  • Contactless camper drop-off

  • We ask that campers please mask at indoor gatherings prior to camp and on all public transportation. We urge campers and  close contacts to avoid any unnecessary gatherings/contact exposures prior to camp


  • Contactless drop off procedures, guardians to stay in their cars

  • Daily in cabin temperature/symptom checks 

  • Teach & reinforce hand washing

  • Hand Sanitizer available throughout the camp facility

  • Signage regarding hand-washing, stopping the spread of germs, protective measures throughout campus 

  • Symptomatic campers will be isolated and tested

  • Any camper who tests positive for COVID-19 during camp must be picked up within 24 hours of the positive test

  • Increased cleaning schedule for all community used spaces and use of outside spaces whenever possible


  • We ask that everyone travel safely and that includes keeping in mind traveling if your camper does test positive while at camp. 

  • If your camper tests positive during camp, we can quarantine your camper at camp for up to 24 hours. Your family should address how your child can be picked up from camp within that window. Someone local may need to stay nearby in case your camper falls ill.

    • Please remember, if positive for covid, your camper may not be able to board an airplane or use public transportation for a few days. Your plan should include how you will handle an extended stay with your camper once they leave Camp Kita.

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