Please check our frequently ask question page for answers about applying, attending or supporting Camp Kita. Please keep in mind we are a very small staff but we will do our very best to respond quickly to any questions sent to info@campkita.com


Question: What is Camp Kita?

Answer: Camp Kita is a non-profit (501©3) summer bereavement camp open to children ages 8-17 who are survivors of a loved one’s suicide. The camp was established in 2013 by the Mosher siblings. The camp is made possible by donations and volunteers, including medical and clinical professionals.


Question: How much does Camp Kita cost?

Answer: Camp Kita tuition is free-of-charge to children who have successfully completed the application process (e.g., meals, activities, camp tuition). Camp tuition is made possible by donations. To register for camp, we require a $50 deposit, which is fully refunded when the child arrives to camp.


Question: Is there more than one Camp Kita session offered per summer?

Answer: No. There is only one session offered per summer.


Question: Is Camp Kita offered the same week every year?

Answer: No. Camp Kita partners with a camp facility to coordinate camp dates year-after-year based on the facility’s availability.


Question: When are Camp Kita dates typically announced?

Answer:  Dates are typically announced in March. Please keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for the most up-to-date information.



Question: I’ve submitted most of my application on Camp Doc, when will my application be reviewed?

Answer: Once your application is 100% completed, we will begin the review process.

Question: What age children can attend Camp Kita?

Answer: Children ages 8 through 17 are welcome to apply to attend camp. The Camp Kita program is targeted to children ages 8 through 17. Children receive peer support within their age-group as well as 24/7 trauma support targeted for children from ages 8 to 17.​

Question: Can I submit a paper application to Camp Kita?

Answer: No. We utilize an automated system, Camp Doc—all applications must be submitted through this system. The Camp Doc registration link can be access through the Camp Kita website home page.

Question: I have more than one child that would benefit from the Camp Kita

experience, can I submit an application for all of my children?

Answer: Yes, however, each child is reviewed on a case-by-case basis for admission. Please ensure that you have completed an application for each child.

Question: The ‘loved one’ my child lost to suicide is not actually a family

member, can I still submit an application for my child to attend?

Answer: Camp Kita is targeted toward children who are survivors of a loved one’s—or family member’s suicide—however, each child’s experience is different. In this situation, it is best to speak with a Camp Kita member first to ensure this is the appropriate environment for your child. Please contact Camp Kita for further information.

Question: Where is Camp Kita located?

Answer: For our 2022 Season, Camp Kita will be hosted at Agassiz Village, 71 Agassiz Camp Rd, Poland, ME 04274. 

Question: Is transportation also covered as part of my child’s camp tuition,

once accepted?

Answer: Generally, no. However, we have helped organize the transportation of larger groups. Parents/Guardians should plan on making arrangements for transportation to/from Camp Kita.

Question: How does the application process work?

Answer: After submitting a 100% complete application and your refundable deposit through CampDocs, your campers application will then be reviewed by our Admissions Coordinator. The Admissions Coordinator will likely communicate with you further via phone or email to discuss your campers readiness for camp. After that process, your camper will be notified whether they have been accepted to camp.



Question: What can my camper bring to camp?

Answer: Once your child has been accepted into Camp Kita, you will receive a 'Camper and guardian handbook' —you can review the ‘Preparing for Camp’ section for a complete list on suggested items to pack.

Question: Can my child bring a cell phone, laptop or electronics?

Answer: No. Camp Kita has a strict ‘no technology’ policy—it helps campers fully immerse with their peers and embrace the program. We ask that campers leave their electronics at home, as they can interfere with the camp experience and their ability to fully connect with fellow campers.

Question: Can I visit Camp Kita while my child is there?

Answer: No. Parents or guardians of campers cannot visit camp— being an independent camper helps campers fully immerse with their peers and embrace the program.

Question: Can I volunteer at Camp Kita while my child is there?

Answer: No. Parents or guardians of campers cannot volunteer at camp—being an independent camper helps each campers fully immerse with their peers and embrace the program.

Question: Can my child call home while he/she is at Camp Kita?

Answer: No—being an independent campers fully immerse with their peers and embrace the program.

Question: I’m worried my child will be homesick—what does Camp Kita do in the event of homesickness?

Answer: It is very common for children to miss home when they are away. Our counseling staff is very experienced and well trained to help campers through times of homesickness. If your child misses home continuously, we will be in contact with you to discuss the situation.

Question: Can I send an email to my child while he/she is at Camp Kita?

Answer: Yes. Parents/guardians can email messages to campers throughout the week, but campers would not be able to respond back unless prior arrangements have been made. The email address will be provided when you check-in.

Question: I have more than one child attending Camp Kita—can you guarantee them to be in the same cabin?

Answer: Siblings can see each other for meal times, elective activities that they choose, however, there is no guarantee they would be placed together for the entirety of camp or for sleeping cabins.

Question: How many campers are in a cabin and is there a counselor there at all times?

Answer: There are about 7-9 campers per cabin. There are counselors assigned to each cabin—the counselors sleep in the cabins at night.

Question: Is there air conditioning in the cabins?

Answer: No, there is not.

Question: Are there bathrooms in the cabin?

Answer: Not in the cabins. There is a bathhouse located close to the cabins.



Question: What if I my child cannot stay the entire duration of camp, can I pick him/her up early?
Our preference would be for all children to stay the duration of the program, however, if your child cannot, please make arrangements prior to attending camp.

Question: What if I cannot pick up my child—can I send someone else?
Yes. You will need to make arrangements with staff in advance in order to ensure we are releasing your child to an authorized individual.



Question: Who works at Camp Kita?
Camp Kita is run by skilled, professional volunteers. Clinical professionals lead small peer support sessions and offer 24/7 trauma support. Meet our team members on our 'who we are' page. 


Question: How are the volunteers screened?
Clinical professionals are screened. Every volunteer has to successfully complete a background investigation before being invited as a volunteer.



Campers start the day off with breakfast around 8 am. After that, campers break out into their designated group assignments (groups are primarily chosen by the camper’s age). With their groups, campers then partake to their scheduled days activities. Activities can include: team building challenge courses, archery, swimming, nature hikes, photography, yoga, sports and games, and lastly “Kita Group.” Kita Group is the peer group support sessions led by a mental health professional where the campers discuss their grief. Lunch is served around 12, and dinner is around 6PM. After dinner, there is a night activity (either campfire, talent show, or dance). Campers are in their cabins for bed around 9PM.



Question: How do I donate to Camp Kita?

Answer: You can donate with a check by mail sent to PO Box 238, North Berwick, Maine 03906. You can also make a one time or reoccurring payment online


Question: Can I volunteer to help camp Kita?

Answer: We are always looking for help, not just for the week of camp, but in the off season. Let us know what skills you are interested in providing and how you would like to assist us by filling out this form: https://forms.gle/nvvEioCHdDJjB2Hd9


Question: Do you offer any additional suicide loss resources?

Answer: You can find some adolescent focused resources here


Question: My company would like to become a corporate sponsor, where do we start?

Answer: We are honored that your company is considering are looking to support Camp Kita. Please email info@campkita.com to get started. 


Question: Can I make a donation as a gift or in memory of someone?

Answer: Absolutely, we have the option for both. We will even send a card in the mail if you would like to the memorial or honoree recipient if you would like to make them aware of the donation. 


Question: What is your EIN #?

Answer: 46-3190172


Question: I would like to host a fundraiser, how do I get started?

Answer: We are honored, this helps us keep camp free for all campers! Please reach out to us by filling out the following form: https://www.campkita.com/contact 


Question: What is your Facebook page?

Answer: https://www.facebook.com/CampKitaforKids/ Follow us as we post updates there for topics such as camp dates, registration, and more!

Question: Do you have an Instagram page?

Answer: https://www.instagram.com/campkita_/